Security Cameras

Digital Cameras

At FutureHome, we use a custom approach to provide the right security coverage for your home or business. Security cameras have a wide range of options, each with a dramatically different performance. Many readily available camera systems use analog, while we have been specializing in the use of digital cameras since 2009. A digital camera system provides a higher level of safety, as it is more likely to capture a clear image whether the object is still or in motion. We can work with you to design the proper system for your needs and budget to ensure the safety of your home or business.

Networked Camera Servers

Our cameras are connected to a networked server installed in your home. A private network between the cameras and the server is setup to allow the camera traffic to flow in a stable and secure video stream. We create a separate connection from your homes network to this server to allow access for you to be able to view your cameras from any computer or mobile device. The system records when motion is detected and organizes the content into thumbnails; simplifying the search for specific events.