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Outdoor Entertainment


Outdoor lighting can be as simple as porch, patio, or garage lighting. However, some homes have layers of landscape lighting used to accent the plantings, shape of the yard, highlight the entertaining spaces, accent the architecture of the home, and possibly illuminate a pool, spa, or fountain. This type of lighting adds a flare of drama and romance to the home. We often work with architects, landscape architects, and pool contractors to make sure that all of these elements come together and can be easily controlled or automated.


Outdoor speakers and subwoofers are designed to blend into their surroundings so as not to distract from your landscaping. While outdoor speakers can be attached to the side of your house, new technologies include speakers that look like landscape lighting as well as camouflaged speakers that appear to be decorative rocks. Outdoor audio can be placed throughout your yard to guarantee an evenly distributed sound that isn’t too loud or too soft in any one given area.


From the cool springtime to the brisk fall nights around the fire pit, here in central California we have about 10 months out of the year that we can enjoy our outdoor spaces. Why should we have to go inside to watch TV? Outdoor TV’s are brighter than those made for indoors in order to maintain visibility in various lighting and they are also weatherproof and have specially designed climate control with integrated heated and cooling systems. While not every yard can support it, outdoor projection systems are also available. Imagine sitting around the fire pit and watching a movie on a 150” projection screen complete with surround sound. No matter the size, we can design and install a comfortable outdoor viewing area that fits your needs and expectations.


  • Motorized TV Lifts
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi coverage
  • Weatherized enclosures
  • 3rd  party integration (pool, spa, fountains, fire pits…)