Home Theater

At FutureHome, our design goal is to create a space that allows for the full cinematic experience with the comfort and ease of being at home. We can help you create a room with cinema-quality audio and video, life-sized screens, and a powerful audio system. Your home theater can reflect the movie-going experience without the hassle of leaving the house.

Home Automation

Our home automation solutions allow different technologies to work together to deliver advanced features in a simplified manner. Home automation systems integrate various electrical devices – such as entertainment systems, lighting, security, and heating and cooling systems – with one another to be easily controlled via remote control or mobile device. Home automation and control systems offer tremendous benefits of convenience, cost, and timesavings.

Lighting Systems

Robust lighting control combined with our offering of high performing architectural light fixtures enhance any space, creating ambiance for any scenario while maintaining convient and efficenient controls. Through dimming, switching, window treatment controls and state-of-the-art light fixtures and our decades of lighting design and installation, we have the tools and knowledge to elevate any space to a premier level.

Business Solutions

As businesses transition into the current technologies, our services can assist in creating a smooth, progressive environment. From energy efficient HVAC, controlled motorized shades, acoustic sound panels, and calibrated audio/video systems, as well as conferencing and unified communications solutions – we have solutions for your business needs. We have presented solutions in many business environments including conference rooms, auditoriums, lobbies, and healthcare facilities.

Outdoor Entertainment

Bring the party outside with our outdoor entertainment solutions. Scalable technology allows for a custom solution perfect for any outdoor space. We’ve got you covered for everything from standard television sizes up to stadium-grade ‘jumbo’ style displays, and audio solutions for anything from standard backyard landscapes to large-scale venues. Our offering of high quality architectural lighting will finish off your space to become the ultimate outdoor destination.

Hi-Fi and Stereo

A high performance audio system can transport the listener from their living room to the front stage of their favorite concert artist or into the middle of a world-renowned orchestra. Speakers are available in all different shapes and sizes, there are massive dedicated power amps as well as smaller integrated amps, and subwoofers to fill any-sized room. Access your music regardless of whether you us Spotify or Apple Music or any other music streaming service, our solutions will give you convenient access to your library anywhere throughout your home. With solutions for any home, we can design and install a system to deliver high quality audio with equipment that blends seamlessly into any decor.

Camera Systems

Our security camera solutions provide you with quick and convenient access to easily monitor your property, accessible from anywhere via secure cloud connections. With decades of CCTV design and installation experience we’ve developed our security camera offering to not compromise your network’s integrity all while delivering the high resolution video necessary for CCTV footage to be effectively used to identify people and view events.


The network in your home has become the backbone of today’s modern electronic system. The number of devices that are communicating over it continues to grow. The size of your home, its location, and the number of devices connecting to the internet affect the speed and performance of the whole network. We design networks to allow your multiple components – electronics, smart phones, and tablets – to operate with speed and reliability. We can integrate your video game systems, streaming devices, and extend to operation of alarm, security, and energy and pool control systems.
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