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Testimonials | FutureHome Systems & Design Inc. 303 W Bedford Ave, Fresno, CA | 559-435-9400 Testimonials | FutureHome Systems & Design Inc. 303 W Bedford Ave, Fresno, CA | 559-435-9400

Customer Testimonials

“My praise for Jim and the FutureHome technicians comes with a bit of a twist, I am not your “norm” consumer or client. For the past 20 years I have worked together with Jim and his guys designing systems for my clients.

I’m an interior designer and construction consultant. I believe the ability to achieve great design begins with the infrastructure! Controlling aesthetic and efficient lighting, audio, video and window coverings with the touch of a button is paramount in high market design.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my daily routine would be enhanced with ease of whole house automation. Thanks to the Savant system that controls our home, our everyday life is more comfortable and our equipment is simple to operate.”

Gary Steinert

“We are proud to say that we have been friends with and done business with Jim Richards of FutureHome since the early 1980s. Our long relationship is a reflection of Jim’s honesty, integrity, loyalty, good humor, and intelligence. As FutureHome has brought two of our homes into the 21st Century electronically we have had the pleasure of working with several of his staff. My questions and preferences are always met with respect, concern, and professional instruction. I have found over the years that Jim’s staff demonstrates his good character, and being a woman, it is important and necessary that I trust the men who come into my home when I am alone. I actually enjoy having them in our home and getting to know them personally. Jim was personally involved with the extensive remodel of our home in Fresno.  He and his staff designed and installed all the lighting and audio systems. Due to his experiences and willingness he was able to help with the layout of our rooms, the dimensions of our cabinets and fireplace, and the configuration of our kitchen. We contracted with the cabinet company Jim referred us to, to do the extensive cabinet work in our home. Our cabinets are a beautiful work of art. It is clear that Jim does business with the best of the best. My favorite FutureHome enhancements are: 1) Having speakers and control panels in most of the rooms of our house which allow us to move about the house and continue to hear whatever is on TV or one of our other electronic devices and 2) being able to control our window coverings electronically. The Art TV adds to the beauty of our living room when the TV is not on. The projection TV adds to the fun of watching sports and movies. And the Seura TV in the bathroom hidden behind our mirror, increases our ability to get news or continue watching a program while we get dressed. We installed the Savant system at our home on the Central Coast.  We can control lighting, audio, and the heating & air conditioning system from anywhere with our iphone or ipad.  It is very convenient to adjust the lighting and sound from the comfort of my chair on the back patio. We highly recommend FutureHome, Jim Richards and his competent staff.”

Bruce and Pam Lackey

“FutureHome Systems provided a level of excellence with their electronic installation at our new home I had not experienced previously. Of all the subcontractors working on our new home, FutureHome provided a level of excellence and professionalism that was head and shoulders above the rest.  I did not realize that there was a company in the Valley that provided the high-end lines of equipment and such professional experienced service.

Besides providing an amazing installation, even more impressive, is that FutureHome has been there over the last 4 years available for updates and questions providing the same excellent service since day 1.  Every member of the FutureHome staff has shown integrity, competence, honesty, and always conscientious.

Without reservation, I have and would recommend FutureHome to anyone interested in any of the services provided.”

Simonian Family

“When we built our dream house, we asked FutureHome to give us the state-of-the-art in home automation.  We got far more than we expected.  Our minimal design ethic meant that we had limited space for lighting controls so they found creative ways to control everything in the house from an iPad or a phone.  We can turn on lights, adjust the window shades, heat the pool and control temperatures throughout the house from anywhere via the internet!  But it didn’t end there – we’re also a family of movie buffs, so having an incredibly cool movie theater was a key requirement – FutureHome designed and installed a fabulous JBL Synthesis theater system that quite literally blows you out of your plush leather reclining movie chair; and yes, they also got us the chairs!


Down in the basement we have an LED-based lighting system that you would more likely see at a rock concert or a nightclub – all integrated and controlled with their help.  FutureHome quite simply turned a modern house into an ultra-cool modern home decked out with the latest and greatest technology for kids, teenagers and adults alike.  Recently we decided we wanted to add some exterior and interior motorized shades to reduce solar heat and glare from direct sunlight so I picked up the phone to ask FutureHome who they would recommend – and guess what – they do shades too!  The bottom line is FutureHome know their stuff, have a friendly and dedicated staff and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who wants the best in home automation.  What’s more, they’re the type of people that can turn your home ideas, no matter how crazy, into reality.  Now that’s cool!”

Mark, Bass Lake, California